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Van Bert Farms would like to offer a "Cyber Sale", we need to move some horses!

Each mare listed below has been bred for 2016 and each one is being offered for sale at the low price of $2,000.00 each. The mares will foal April-May 2016

Transportation for mare can be arranged at a reasonable fee!

Call or e-mail today for more information: H. T. Derickson 859-940-8254 or 606-663-4464email

Brandy's Miss Priss:
Chocolate DOB 07/25/96 Sire: Rocky Dandy/Dam: Derrick's Brandy(Buddy Roe mare)
She is a producer of 4 Choco Fillies, 2 Choco Colts, 2 Black Fillies and 5 Black Colts. One of the Chocolate colts is the 2015 foal. Sired by; It's My Time, Black (Choco Dock son). Brandy is Open at this time (March 2016)

LS Black Diamond: Black DOB 4/2/02. Sire: Toco Sam/Dam: Dock's Copper Penny(Dock mare)
She has produced 3 Choc. Fillies; 3 Choc Colts, 1 Sorrel Filly, 1 Sorrel Colt, 1 Blk Colt. One of the Chocolate fillies is the 2015 foal Sired by; Triple S. Big Slick, Chocolate (Triple S Iron Man son)

RHF Time To Shine; Black DOB 7/26/08 Sire SNS Rock of Ages/Dam Dixon's Sheer Mocha(Chocolate Storm mare)
She has produced her first foal Chocolate stud 4.15.15 Sired by; Triple S Big Slick, (Triple S Iron Man son)

VBF Susie Q: Chocolate DOB 5/18/00 Sire: Stoner Ridge Tom Cat/Dam Push KY Sunshine(Grade mare)
2 Blk Colts, 1 Buckskin Colt, 1 Blk Filly, 1 Choc Filly 2 Choc Colts.
Black Colt 2015 foal sired by; It's My Time, Black Stallion (Choco Dock son)

VBF Special Issue; Sorrel DOB 4/26/06 Sire: Triple S Iron Man/Dam Mystic Miriah(Rocky II mare)
She has produced 3 Palomino Fillies,2 are sired by a Cremello stallion Miller's Ivory Tower and
1 by a Perlino Stallion: R Ranger Dream Maker. None of the three fillies have been color tested.
The 2015 filly is sired by; Miller's Ivory Tower, Cremello color he is (R Ranger Dream Maker son)

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Van Bert Farms in Stanton, KY offers the best Rocky Mountain Horses in the breed. We have been consistently offering top quality gaited horses for the trail rider, breeding programs, trail competitions and for the show arena since 1965.

Our breeding program consists of quality champion mares and stallions. The stallions standing at Van Bert Farms are; Choco Dock, Chocolate Venture, Triple S Big Slick, It's My Time, Miller's Ivory Tower and VBF's It's A Southern Thang. If heritage, ancestry and champion bloodlines are important to you look to Van Bert Farms for the elite of the breed.

Van Bert Farms provides a full service training facility for the Rocky Mountain Horse.  Our trainers have attended many clinics and training programs on natural horsemanship. The trainers ground train and ride to insure that each horse preforms to his/her natural ability. Our trainers help the horse to approach obstacles, natural or man made with confidence and a willing disposition. Van Bert Farms breeds and trains horses that are sure-footed for the trail and show as well.  Quality and high standards are what we at Van Bert Farms truly strive to obtain, "the very best of both worlds", to the rail from the trail, from the trail to the rail!

Van Bert Farms always has for sale Rocky Mountain Horses for all level of riders and horse enthusiasts. Whether you are a youth, novice, amateur or a professional rider, or whether you are looking for a mare, gelding, stallion, show or trail horse, we offer all ages, sizes and colors in the Rocky breed. 

Come see us at Van Bert Farms, where you can experience your dream of owning a Rocky Mountain Horse. Call for an appointment or stop by for a visit, our doors are always open!
For more information or appointments please call or e-mail